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Miracles & More

Miracles & More Coconut & Sugar beets Botanical Cleansing Lotion 40ml

Miracles & More Coconut & Sugar beets Botanical Cleansing Lotion 40ml

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A milky lotion Face Cleanser crafted from coconut and sugar beets is infused with skin-soothing chamomile, cucumber, and Aloe Vera along with Japanese green tea to combat the free radical damage that can accelerate skin-aging. 

Opens and deeply cleanses pores, brightens your skin and prevent occurrences of wrinkles and blackheads.

Apply to slightly wet or even dry skin, massage thoroughly then rinse off. Use it daily & for best results mix it with our Face Exfoliate.

• For dull, impure skin

• Free of parabens, paraffin and silicones

• Non-comedogenic

• Minimizes pores

• Anti-imperfection care

 What is a Cleansing Lotion?

Unlike a traditional face wash, a cleansing lotion is more on the milky side. It smooths over your skin to remove dirt and impurities to allow your skin to breathe, yet is extremely gentle.

This makes a cleansing lotion perfect for you if you’re exposed to the pollution that comes with city living, or have dry or sensitive skin.

A cleansing lotion is thicker than your average face wash, and while it helps to remove the oil and dirt that can pile onto your skin, it can also deliver higher levels of hydration than a face wash, something that’s especially important for dry & aging skin.

Contains: Chamomile, Aloe Vera, Cucumber Extract & Japanese Green Tea

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